Monday, April 25, 2011

Kobe faking an ankle injury

Seriously, apart from the 15 year old hivemind fanboys, nobody gets fooled by this puppet. Apart from the 02/03 season and the 09 playoffs, Bryant has always played 2nd fiddle to the big man, neither was he ever the most effective player in the league. I'm so sick of delusional dickriders.

Please look at the Lakers offensive/defensive win shares since Gasol joined:
Bryant= 8.6/4.0 , 5.4/4.0 , 6.4/3.2
Gasol= 9.8/4.2 , 6.8/4.2 , 9.3/4.2
Ergo= Gasol #1 in LA on BOTH ends of the court.

Apart from all that, of course Bryant acts all diva with his ankle. He has a big marketing campaign going and his contract in LA runs to 2014, so he has a "reputation" to make plausible to the masses. Thankfully Bynum was there to save the day after his horrendous 11pts/3rebs game. (After the game Bryant talked about Bynum like a master scolding his cotton picking slave... nice conference douche bag (But don't worry, LA will 3-peat, Gasol & Co. will do the work, and Kobitch will once again smile for the camera.)


  1. Thats what happens when people go from being a sports player to a famous person.

  2. wow i did not know this very interesting